Irrigation System

The problem of shortage and water saving are always two painful issues, so AGRESO focuses on researching and developing effective irrigation solutions, saving not only for the country but also in terms of time, money and workers.
AGRESO provides solutions and supplies for modern irrigation systems, led by drip irrigation systems combined with central sensors and data processors to ensure the optimization of the automatic irrigation process for the entire crop.

Controlling System

In order to manage, calculate and operate the entire farm optimally, the control system plays the most important role. Farm control system from irrigation, outdoor nutrition supply to the stage of temperature control, humidity, air quality in the membrane house, greenhouse are all researched, built and developed by AGRESO engineers.
The equipment and control materials supplied by AGRESO are industrial equipment from leading manufacturers in the world such as SIEMENS, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI, LS ,… AGRESO has upgraded solutions for farms or greenhouses that do not have a control system or are outdated, helping to optimize the entire operation process, easy to operate, produce and save costs.

coir substrate

Varieties, Coir Substrate & Others

Plant varieties directly affect efficiency and productivity. The selection of good, high-quality varieties is always the top concern. AGRESO provides quality-qualified and tested varieties of crops and vegetables at AGRESO I FARM.
Coir substrate is the common name of the mixture of materials, minerals that help create a favorable environment for the development of crops such as increasing water retention, nutrients, creating a cool space for plant roots, maintaining the necessary moisture. Coir substrate can be produced at AGRESO to ensure the necessary criteria for the best growth of the crop. In addition, AGRESO also provides other agricultural materials such as sun cutting nets, harvesting tools, production tools, materials for greenhouses, membrane houses, …. .

Machinery for Production & Harvest

By applying machinery in the cultivation, care or harvesting stage, productivity and efficiency will be enhanced instead of done by traditional crafts.
AGRESO provides solar-powered machinery to serve people’s production needs such as cargo trams, seeding aids, electric tillers, nebulizers for large fields ,… comes with charging stations using solar panels. In addition, AGRESO also provides post-harvest service machines such as agricultural product sorters, washing machines, blenders,

Consulting & Ordering Agricultural Materials

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