The mini greenhouse is designed to meet the needs of planting all kinds of vegetables on a small area for families in the City or families with small gardens.
The greenhouse is made from galvanized steel/aluminum frame, surrounded by glass and automatic control system (watering, wind sensor, light, drainage ..). Your family will experience a garden full of green vegetables that are clean and healthy through Agreso solution.


Depending on the design of the house planned at the beginning of construction or take advantage of the available terrace, we will advise and design the most suitable feng shui. The construction of the assembly takes about 1-2 weeks after the Homeowners agreed to design.


With our system, caring for your vegetable garden is simpler than ever. Even if you are the busiest. You just need to monitor the progress of your vegetable garden and wait for the results.
Our team will supply all agricultural supplies, planting techniques, irrigation water control, wind sensors, automatic lighting. Therefore, the care is completely convenient.


Agreso mini garden is designed according to the consumer aspirations of the family. Basically you are growing a vegetable garden full of all kinds; eat leaves, spices, tubers, berries.. The fruits of your garden will be meals full of vegetables and fruits without worrying about food safety anymore.

Advice & Order Mini Greenhouse

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