Farm Planning

Before starting construction of gardens, farms. Agreso engineers will work with the developer to discuss output issues for the product. Products will be up the marketing process planted according to the consumer requirements. From there, the Agreso team will check the agricultural, financial and technical resources of the product developer and start planning the farm. Includes farm layout, water system, electricity, care, fertilization, general construction, harvesting, preservation..
Once the objectives are clearly evaluated, ask. The design will be drafted and edited until the objectives are fit. Then move on to the stage of construction, testing, transfer.

Seed Solutions

Input varieties of clear origin determine the yield, quality of crops and economic efficiency in the later. So we pay special attention to the most important stage when starting this cultivation.

Agreso works with the world’s leading seeding suppliers as well as Vietnam to provide advice on choosing the most suitable varieties for product developers.

Disease Control

Decide the success of the crop at the stage of disease control. For Agreso, the core value is the non-use of toxic insecticides. We aim to develop seasonal products, in harmony with nature.

For pest seasons we develop biological solutions as well as artificial protection solutions aimed at limiting pests. Therefore, Agreso developed products ensure freshness and safety for consumers.

Harvest, Output

The harvesting process is extremely important in increasing the value of products. Agreso instructs developers how to harvest products, keep the product fresh from being damaged. Therefore, the development of the input will be more favorable.

Because of product development on demand from the beginning. We avoid the problem of growing products that are not sold to anyone. As well as because the product is developed cleanly, Agreso agricultural products are trusted by consumers to choose

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