Agriculture “Sell First – Grow Later”

Vietnam is a country favored by nature “gold forest, silver sea, diamond location”. The opportunity to develop clean, sustainable agricultural products is absolutely clear. In the current period of economic development, the demand for more demand for products from consumers makes developers forced to change production methods.

 The demand for clean products of consumers is increasingly improved

Producing clean products combined with technology management, consuming management will bring prosperity to the community. It is delicious, nutritious, safe, reasonable cost is distributed to consumers. Product developers, farmers are passionate about labor and get a warm crop no. Distributors, trade, shipping houses, warehousing, import-export companies benefit when the work between the consumer and the producer is smooth. All is a system that is stablely operated and divided equally with added value for each party accordingly.

 With the development of technology, it is quite possible for the system to start before it starts. Think, before starting a crop, you already know who the buyer is, who handles the product, and where the product will be taken. Your task is to take care of product development safely to wait for the harvest date to deliver the product to consumers. With such a system, we can say that consumers are ordering parties, farmers, developers are the producers of products. Consumers want to eat what needs to be ordered, and the manufacturer will time production, delivery. Everything encapsulated in a clear commitment will minimize excess planting with no output, no traceability of the product.

 Planting agricultural products according to customer needs – “sell first – grow later”

Agreso, our team of engineers day and night researches new solutions to connect consumers and product developers. Go from planting solutions, distribution solutions, all pre-programmed. And it is very happy that we have been doing it to bring peace of mind, health, prosperity to the partners that we share when working with Agreso.

If you wish to cooperate in developing clean products as above model for both domestic and export needs, please contact Agreso. We are pleased to accompany and you.

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