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Brand New Vietnamese honey sweet potato – New tips for distinguishing high standards

How is honey sweet potato and how to distinguish honey sweet potato from other sweet potato?


1. Overview of Vietnamese honey sweet potato : 

Honey sweet potato is an agricultural plant with the same structure, properties and growth process as vietnamese sweet potato in general. However, honey sweet potato has outstanding features over other sweet potatoes not only in shape but also in quality. 

Vietnamese honey sweet potatoes with large root tubers, have a different yellow-orange color than other sweet potatoes and contain a lot of starch, have a very natural sweet taste. In each honey sweet potato contains a certain amount of bile, when processing they secrete their own honey in the yellowish orange color, the waves are very eye-catching and the delicious taste is very characteristic.

Therefore, Vietnamese honey sweet potato is a product with very high nutritional content and top economic quality of Vietnamese agricultural products. Therefore, the price of honey sweet potato is quite high but it is perfectly suitable for what it brings.


2. How to distinguish honey sweet potatoes from other sweet potatoes?

To ensure the correct use, not to be damaged with the money that we spend to buy an item that here refers to as Vietnamese honey sweet potato, we should have an understanding of the variety of sweet potato in Vietnam.

For the purpose of understanding Vietnamese honey sweet potatoes, Agreso gives you some small but extremely useful tips to distinguish honey sweet potatoes from other sweet potatoes that are present and circulating in the Vietnamese market.

Based on the external characteristics and properties inside honey sweet potatoes, we can distinguish them in two ways:


2.1 Distinguish before processing the finished product.

First, looking at the color of the outer crust and the surface inside the potato, the honey sweet potato will have a very different orange-yellow color, when the sand is a very thin slice will see the pink peach inner surface. Especially when cutting or breaking the head of a honey sweet potato, you will see a certain amount of bile secreted and pay more attention when left in the air for a while, this amount of bile will gradually turn darker black. 


2.2 Distinguish after finished product processing. 

After processing, it is much easier to distinguish honey sweet potatoes from ordinary sweet potatoes because of the greater amount of bile secreted from sweet potatoes, which are yellowish in color and fall darker in color. In addition, when eating, you will feel the wet potato powder and taste delicious, not dry like the usual sweet potatoes. 

Especially when honey sweet potatoes are boiled or baked, there will bea sweetness and characteristic aromas that difficult to make.

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3. Agreso honey sweet potato. 

3.1 What is Agreso honey sweet potato?

 Agreso honey sweet potato has all the properties and characteristics of Vietnamese honey sweet potato, is grown completely natural, does not use pesticides,… completely safe for users, always aiming for the health of consumers as well as the protection of the environment.


Video: Agreso Honey Sweet Potato ( Orange Sweet Potato ) Field in Natural


In order to have outstanding features over other potatoes and with distinctive characteristics, Agreso honey sweet potato undergoes an extremely tight closed process from seed selection, care methods, harvesting plans, preservation process, product packaging.


3.2 New tips to distinguish high standard goods from Agreso 

Usually, distinguishing honey sweet potatoes based on two forms is before processing and after processing (mentioned above), Agreso provides more smart tips to find out exactly the quality sweet potato, fresh. 

When fresh: 

Ordinary buyers want products not only high quality but also require clean, beautiful products outside. However, due to the nature of Vietnamese honey sweet potato is sweet potato will nurse honey in stable heat, farmers often leave the soil covering the honey sweet potato, maintaining the temperature and humidity for the tubers to have more sweetness and bile flow.

Video: Harvest fresh Agreso Honey Sweet Potato ( Orange Sweet Potato ) on the high mountain


Therefore, fresh potato buyers should choose dark honey sweet potato litters and also the surrounding soil cover. 

After drying:

For sweet potatoes to secrete bile optimally, the farmer takes them to basking in the sun and for a certain time. In this way sweet potatoes will give honey sweet potatoes a favorable environment for it to nurse bile in the most effective way. Honey sweet potato is effective after drying the potato does not wrinkle the surface or devotees inside but it has a certain elasticity.

Therefore, the buyer of honey sweet potatoes after drying needs to touch the honey sweet potato with your hands to feel its elasticity and choose the best quality litters of potatoes.

The above are extremely valuable experiences that we want to bring to consumers and buyers of vietnamese honey sweet potatoes. 


With the desire of all customers to hold these small but extremely effective tips to get a certain understanding of the variety of vietnam honey sweet potato so that customers can choose the freshest products, the most quality without having to wonder when choosing Vietnamese honey sweet potato. 

Agreso is a supplier of Vietnamese honey sweet potatoes in the domestic market and in the international market always ensure full standards and certified the strictest export quality standards (test more than 900 chemical substances) by SGS Switzerland.


  • 100% Natural - Absolutely No Pesticide
  • Extremely sweet and delicious
  • Planted at around 1000 - 2000m above sea level
  • SGS test analysis with over 900 chemicals
Get free sample for testing
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  • See the full test report of SGS here


We always try to build a strong brand that goes hand in hand with healthy. 

Agreso always leave a beautiful mark and the trust of customers about clean, quality products is the motivation for us to improve. 

Come with us for dedicated advice and choose the wonderful product that we give you. 


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