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The Difference That Makes Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Vietnam Exclusive

1.Origin:  In Vietnam, there are many kinds of sweet potatoes named after colors such as purple sweet potato, white sweet potato, yellow sweet potato… In particular, it stands out as orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam because when fresh meat of sweet potato is orange, it has been based on this color characteristics that call the…..

Vietnamese honey sweet potato field in natural

Brand New Vietnamese honey sweet potato – New tips for distinguishing high standards

How is honey sweet potato and how to distinguish honey sweet potato from other sweet potato?   1. Overview of Vietnamese honey sweet potato :  Honey sweet potato is an agricultural plant with the same structure, properties and growth process as vietnamese sweet potato in general. However, honey sweet potato has outstanding features over other…..

Vietnamese Sweet Potato

New Vietnamese Sweet Potato by Agreso – Special Varieties

Vietnamese sweet potato is a rural plant with tubers that is the cycle of the change of the roots, contains a high substance of starch and has a characteristic pleasantness. The Vietnamese sweet potato is a wellspring of tubers, it is utilized as vegetables, yet additionally as food. The sweet potato are remotely connected with…..

Self-Singly Mini Vegetable Garden – It’s Never Been So Easy

  You really love agriculture and want to experience hand-growing and harvesting products at home, You want to have enough clean agricultural resources for the whole family, You’re concerned about dirty food out there but you don’t have any farming experience, Working time has taken up all your time but the desire to have a…..

Agriculture “Sell First – Grow Later”

Vietnam is a country favored by nature “gold forest, silver sea, diamond location”. The opportunity to develop clean, sustainable agricultural products is absolutely clear. In the current period of economic development, the demand for more demand for products from consumers makes developers forced to change production methods.  The demand for clean products of consumers is…..

Improving consumer awareness

Nowadays, when it comes to the evil cancer that has killed a lot of people, fertility is increasing, many strange diseases appear in the age of population is increasingly rejuvenated, people immediately think of the problem of dirty food, water sources and polluted air sources. This is the painful reality of modern society today. However,…..

Important Stages Of Creating “Added Value” For Agricultural Products

Have you ever wondered why agricultural products of countries such as Japan, Korea, USA or other developed countries are sold at a very high price compared to domestic agricultural products. Is the quality of these agricultural products higher than Vietnam’s agricultural products?   Imported fruits always cost very high Vietnam’s geographical location is ende incentives…..

Why Are Clean Agricultural Products Priced Higher Than Usual?

Clean agricultural products are increasingly a concern of many Vietnamese people today, as they are increasingly aware of the adverse impact of dirty food sources on their own health. However, the price of clean agricultural products is now rated as 2 to 3 times higher than ordinary agricultural products. Why is that? Let’s find the…..