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Sweet potatoes have long become a rustic dish associated with the childhood of many generations of people. Sweet potato is like “golden food” because sweet potatoes have a very diverse source of nutrition and this is also a very popular food in daily life. At any time of the day, we can also use this food for its beneficial benefits. For these practical benefits, we –  Agreso would like to introduce to consumers the sweet potato honey Agreso. So who is Agreso and what is Agreso honey sweet potato as well as its differences with other sweet potato strains?

Who is Agreso?

Agreso Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions to develop effective, sustainable and quality agriculture through a harmonious combination of technology, production and agricultural practice.

Agreso provides agricultural products from the farm itself designed in accordance with standards throughout the country. From cultivation, care, harvesting, preservation of products to delivery to consumers are done carefully.

Combining natural agriculture with high technology, Agreso offers innovative solutions for both developers and consumers. With added value created, Agreso is confident to meet the demand for agricultural products both domestic and export



Agreso honey sweet potato

Honey sweet potato is an agricultural plant with large roots, rich in starch, sweet and often yellow/orange different from other sweet potatoes. In each honey sweet potato contains a certain amount of bile, when we prepare them, they will secrete bile /honey flow, delicious and extremely sweet.

Honey sweet potato is a natural, clean and safe food, contains a rich amount of fiber but does not contain fat so honey sweet potato is a food that helps to lose weight and beautify the skin effectively, honey sweet potato is also very good for people who exercise, work limbs. Moreover, honey sweet potato is also used in the processing of sugar-free delicacies for mothers with young children, as well as for those who love steamed fried dishes from sweet potatoes, eat comfortably without fear of diseases caused by artificial sugar.

Agreso honey sweet potato is a sweet potato grown completely naturally, without the use of pesticides, plant protection drugs, … completely safe for users, always aiming at consumer health as well as environmental protection. Agreso honey sweet potato is always strictly inspected from the stage of cultivation, care, harvesting and processing, packing to supply to the market delicious potatoes in terms of quality, characteristic taste, ensuring nutrition for consumers but still beautiful.


Some suggestions on how to use Agreso honey sweet potato


  • 100% Natural - Absolutely No Pesticide
  • Extremely sweet and delicious
  • Planted at around 1000 - 2000m above sea level
  • SGS test analysis with over 900 chemicals
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agreso sweet potato Vietnam

Agreso honey sweet potatoes have a storage time of 5-6 weeks, store in a cool place with a humidity of about 85%, the longer the potatoes are down to the bile, the more flavor is displayed. Agreso honey sweet potatoes are suitable for:

  1. Baking: when baking honey will flow wet even outside the potato, the outer shell is scorched but inside there is a yellow-orange color like honey, ingested plasticity, sweet adds a smell of charm to the heart. Eat melted potato intestines into your mouth like you’re tasting the taste of honey.

Tip: Eating potatoes with a cup of tea will feel great. It is recommended to choose large, round, meaty tubers for baking.

  1. Boiled: when boiled the sweetness of honey sweet potatoes will increase a lot, when looking at the meat inside the tubers, will see a yellow nursery, the potato powder is quite wet and fragrant sweet does not dry out like other sweet potatoes.
  2. Drying plastic: Dried sweet potato has become a specialty dish especially in Dalat.

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