Important Stages Of Creating “Added Value” For Agricultural Products

Have you ever wondered why agricultural products of countries such as Japan, Korea, USA or other developed countries are sold at a very high price compared to domestic agricultural products. Is the quality of these agricultural products higher than Vietnam’s agricultural products?


Imported fruits always cost very high

Vietnam’s geographical location is ende incentives for the tropical climate – many hours of sunshine and the amount of water supplied from abundant annual rainfall – a climatic condition extremely favorable for the development of a variety of crops that not all countries have. While a lot of agricultural countries pay a significant amount of money to overcome climate weaknesses that nature does not favor, their produce is still truly quality. Why can’t vietnam?


Water-saving system of Irael agriculture

The added value of the product is essentially generated throughout the life cycle of the product. This process has always been mistaken for harvesting. Most farmers in Vietnam are farming in a small, synary manner when product handling conditions are largely unsymed. Consequently, the product suffered an inherent decrease in added value.

Typical of this deterioration process can be mentioned as the method of planting damaging products, the stage of harvesting products carelessly, the stage of transportation causing the product to be crushed, the product does not have storage to maintain freshness … these are the main reasons why the value of Vietnamese agricultural products has been severely reduced in value and this is also the general condition of Vietnam’s agricultural products today.


Harvesting, transporting and preservation of agricultural products in Vietnam

In contrast to Vietnam, the developed countries of agriculture in the world appreciate their products. As evidence of this, it can be seen that the process of perfecting products to consumers is really cherished. The product is not only fresh, delicious, sweet but also very eye-catching in form. Since then, the consumer value of the product despite the high price but not difficult for people to accept.


Fresh products are well received by consumers

With the development of technical technology today, the solution increases the value of products to be accessed easily. However, to change an agriculture with old farming methods that have existed for many years to professional direction, requires each farmer to adapt and boldly apply new innovation measures to increase the added value of their products. Focusing on the main stages of creating delicious, nutritious, quality products, especially the most important is the harvesting and preservation. So that once the product brings the quality and excellent deliciousness, the price of the product to consumers will no longer be an important issue.

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