Improving consumer awareness

Nowadays, when it comes to the evil cancer that has killed a lot of people, fertility is increasing, many strange diseases appear in the age of population is increasingly rejuvenated, people immediately think of the problem of dirty food, water sources and polluted air sources. This is the painful reality of modern society today. However, the question for a lot of people is that if we do not use that food, water source, air source, then what do we have to use, where?


Consumer concerns about food today

The sense of consumption of delicious, tonic and cheap products has long been imprinted deeply into the subconscious of Vietnamese users. With rice agriculture, tropical climate with a variety of vegetables and fruits, Vietnamese agricultural products are recognized as rich in types and seasonal diversity.

However, the rapid development of society entails the planning of infrastructure more and more quickly. Land and water resources used for pure agriculture have been shrinking. In order to accelerate supply to the market with huge consumption, farmers apply new farming methods towards industrialization. The products made quickly but no longer delicious and nutritious, the price alone is always cheap.

Cheap but unsafe food

Recognizing this problem, many young people in Vietnam pioneering in improving farming methods still retain the natural purity of the product while ensuring the expected standard. Say do, they set up groups specializing in clean planting, soil receding degeneration, water pollution treatment and product isolation, only planted in places with fresh air sources. However, their output is not well received due to the excessive price, and although the farming method has changed, the easy consumption consciousness of the people still exists, resulting in the consequence that it is difficult to maintain clean, pure natural cultivation behavior for growers.


Agriculture towards nature

Economic in efficiency, rising costs too high compared to the profits brought, insufficient to cover the family is one of a series of difficult problems that clean agriculture workers are facing.


Financial difficulties when the cost of planting clean agricultural products is too high – unstable output

Measures introduced such as saving labor, increasing productivity, reducing costs are only short-term measures for farmers to maintain the planting system. One of the simplest measures currently being applied in the most natural pure direction is to take advantage of locally grown natural products. Seasonal, seasonal products are formulaetic, in order to increase the yield of plants naturally and avoid the development of pests. For this product, although the price is a little higher than the usual product, it is the best choice for safe meals of consumers. Due to its local nature, not everyone has the conditions to consume this product. However, this is how society is changing consumer methods and forcing farmers to go towards sustainable cleanliness.

In the long term, certainly high-tech agriculture with good farming facilities, applying biological solutions to crops, improving land sources in the direction of pure nature … will help agriculture develop steadily and sustainably.

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