Vietnamese Sweet Potato

New Vietnamese Sweet Potato by Agreso – Special Varieties

Vietnamese sweet potato is a rural plant with tubers that is the cycle of the change of the roots, contains a high substance of starch and has a characteristic pleasantness. The Vietnamese sweet potato is a wellspring of tubers, it is utilized as vegetables, yet additionally as food. The sweet potato are remotely connected with potatoes of South American birthplace (Solanum tuberosum) and different kinds of fat potatoes starting from Africa and Asia (Dioscorea).

Vietnamese sweet potato additionally have a similar starting point, qualities and properties as the group of sweet potato in the world. Nonetheless, Vietnamese sweet potato additionally have unmistakable financial and utilization attributes that feature the maple and variety of the sweet potato.

Vietnamese Sweet Potato Field in Natural by Agreso’s Cultivation

1.Varieties of Vietnamese sweet potato

In Vietnam, there are numerous sorts with various profitability, quality and development time, so the monetary productivity is likewise extraordinary. Therefore, products made from sweet potatoes are transformed plentiful, diverse and positive is extremely attractive to enjoy.

See some images of  Vietnamese sweet potato dishes here kind of vietnamese sweet potato – Bing images

2. Monetary area of Sweet potato in Vietnam.

Sweet potato are in the top 5 principle food in Vietnam (third after rice and maize). It additionally positions second in financial incentive after potatoes. Vietnamese sweet potato have overwhelming consumption throughout Vietnam. Vietnamese individuals notwithstanding utilizing the potato as vegetables instead use it a tubers in food, they additionally slowly keen on items produced from the sweet potato. With numerous techniques for use, Vietnamese sweet potato are increasingly more amazing in quality to completely meet the consumer’s needs.

3. Agreso Vietnamese sweet potato brand

Agreso honey sweet potato contacts attest its situation in the homegrown market and goes to the world market with its own particular engraving that can not be mistaken for any other type of potato. It is a honey sweet potato from Agreso, a name that contains all the energy and an aspiration of youngsters who need to bring to the world exchange market a spotless, protected and unrivaled quality of Vietnamese item.

Honey Sweet Potato
Agreso Fresh Honey Sweet Potato with 100% Naturally

3.1. Earth

Soil is one of the significant elements that decide the nourishing creation framed in tubers and pleasantness, versatility, discharge of yams. With the variety of soil in Vietnam, the sweet potato are not covered with a distinct soil but numerous kinds of soil. Be that as it may, Vietnamese sweet potato in uplad development will bring high financial worth and diverse quality contrasted with other sweet potato illed in different districts.

Thusly, Agreso honey sweet potato through the cycle of seed research and a cycle of choice, in the area of Ta Nung, Me Linh in Da Lat & Chu Dang Ya Volcano in Gia Lai where the soil is rich and flourishing for developing the sweet potato to high quality production and nutritional vegetable.


3.2. Exceptional cultivating strategies.

Vietnamese sweet potato are produced using the following agricultural methods:

Intercropping (planting at least 2 distinct harvests on a developed land region) which means to grieve richness and advance supplement creation for the dirt.

Crop pivot (then again changing yields over the long haul and space in specific cycles on a similar developed land territory) expects to revamp, encourage, forestall disintegration, limit bothers, increment valuable microorganisms and secure the dirt.

Agreso sweet potato is based  on the development favorable position of Vietnamese sweet potato cultivating technique, which derives from intercropping with timberland trees and planting at an elevation of over 1000m to utilize dampness, light and the best temperature for yam development. Accordingly, Vietnamese sweet potato are very fresh, nutritional and a better alternative to other sweet potato.


  • 100% Natural - Absolutely No Pesticide
  • Extremely sweet and delicious
  • Planted at around 1000 - 2000m above sea level
  • SGS test analysis with over 900 chemicals
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agreso sweet potato Vietnam


3.3.Modern and progressed reaping measure.

Agreso applies current harvesting processes, to optimize labor, increase efficiency, and ensure quality. Simultaneously meeting the prerequisites of the fare guidelines. View the process here:

3.4 A group of youngsters devoted themselves to Agreso.

Going with the initial steps, these energetic youngsters have established a strong framework to fabricate and build up a professional agricultural framework. Presently, they have become elite cultivators with many experience and are proceeding to learn and propel advances in the agricultural world. Likewise, the group continually works and uncovers new amazing individuals to contribute.

Agreso in bringing Vietnamese Sweet potato to the world in a total and persuasive method of global exchange. Integrated from all of these elements, Agreso brings an enhanced product of Sweet potato from Vietnam by Agreso. Vietnamese sweet potato merging all the essence of a sweet potato to make a new remarkable flavor for all individuals to indulge in

Vietnamese sweet potato is the flawlessness we have for you and an incredible option for you.



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