The Difference That Makes Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Vietnam Exclusive


In Vietnam, there are many kinds of sweet potatoes named after colors such as purple sweet potato, white sweet potato, yellow sweet potato…

In particular, it stands out as orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam because when fresh meat of sweet potato is orange, it has been based on this color characteristics that call the name for the sweet potato variety. 

In addition, orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam can also be named Vietnam orange fleshed sweet potato and is commonly known as Honey sweet potato Vietnam 

Learn more native orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam below:


2.Why Orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam is a special agricultural product in Southeast Asia?

Orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam undergoes an extremely tight closed process from seed selection, care methods, harvesting plans, preservation process, product packaging. 

Here’s Agreso Group’s rigorous closed process for Vietnam orange fleshed sweet potatoes.

2.1 Varieties 

Orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam by Agreso is the local breed. After each harvest, potatoes will be selected for seeding for the new season. The tuber seeding method helps to ensure that the new potato season is F1 and keeps the taste of the potatoes as well as the yield stable. 

Germinated orange fleshed sweet potato vietnam
Germinated orange fleshed sweet potato vietnam

2.2 Care 

The process of caring for orange sweet potato Vietnam is divided into 3 stages: 

Stage 1: After 2 weeks down the breeding, start weeding the beds.
Stage 2: When the tree is one month old, many branches are pruning to focus on growing tubers.
Stage 3: The final stage, the potatoes will be checked regularly to forecast the size, maturity, harvest time to plan consumption.. 

In addition, the process of caring for orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam is also interested in two criteria:


  • Watering and fertilization. 

In the sunny season, potatoes will be watered weekly. The water source is taken from natural water. In the rainy season, potatoes take advantage of natural rainwater so there is no need for watering.

Sweet potatoes are intercropping and crop rotation should be the main source of nutrition from soil reshuding. One season of planting potatoes and one season of planting other perched plants.

In addition, potatoes are supplemented with phosphate and N-P-K fertilizer, as well as other organic fertilizers such as cow manure taken locally.

See some of the benefits of applying rotation and intercropping here

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  • Disease control.

For tuberous cult disease, sweet potatoes will be affected certainly if the cherry digs late when the rainy season ends in November. Understanding the cycle of pests should be the correct seasonal cultivation of potatoes to avoid as the measure is applied today.


2.3 Harvest

Orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam is harvested in the form of meticulously dug tubers by human strength without using machinery to ensure orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam optimally limits crushing or breaking. 

Sweet potatoes are best harvested from late October to mid-December. For natural potatoes, tubers will not be beautiful and have a certain devotion rate. The rate of devotion depends on the age of the potatoes and depends on the time of digging.The later you dig, the higher the devotion rate. 

Potatoes will be dug manually and sorted at the place of digging. Then be taken back to the re-sorting house and sent to the preliminary processing facility and then delivered to the distributors before going to the consumer.


2.4 Preservation 



After the orange fleshed sweet potato is sorted in the garden, then sorted again at the gathering point before being taken back to the warehouse. Potatoes are returned to the warehouse according to the rules, then treated for 7-10 days to get on the bile and fight germination.

Then depending on the requirements of customers we will handle washing or dry delivery for both domestic and export consumption needs. Since the output is only one season, the number of potatoes is not much. 

If you need to order, please contact us to plan the planting area. Because we currently grow product development according to demand. Avoid rampant planting so that it can not be sold to anyone.



  • 100% Natural - Absolutely No Pesticide
  • Extremely sweet and delicious
  • Planted at around 1000 - 2000m above sea level
  • SGS test analysis with over 900 chemicals
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agreso sweet potato Vietnam


2.5 Packing

Packing Standard Sweet Potato Agreso
Packing Standard Orange Sweet Potato Agreso

Orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam is really a natural product, no pesticides or coloring chemicals … ensure strict export criteria.

Agreso is a supplier of Vietnam orange fleshed sweet potato in the domestic market and in the international market always ensure full standards and certified the strictest export quality standards (test more than 900 chemical substances) by SGS Switzerland. 

See the test and test standards of SGS Switzerland below:  

Agreso Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Testing Report 


Agreso always ensures authenticity and transparency in every word and action. Bring an absolute belief about orange fleshed sweet potato Vietnam to consumers. We try to build a strong brand that goes hand in hand with healthy.  

Agreso always leaves a beautiful mark and the trust of customers about clean, quality products is the motivation for us to improve.  

Come with us for dedicated advice and choose the wonderful product that we give you.  


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