Why Are Clean Agricultural Products Priced Higher Than Usual?

Clean agricultural products are increasingly a concern of many Vietnamese people today, as they are increasingly aware of the adverse impact of dirty food sources on their own health. However, the price of clean agricultural products is now rated as 2 to 3 times higher than ordinary agricultural products. Why is that? Let’s find the answer to this problem with Agreso.

  1. What is the definition of clean agricultural products?

It is a type of agricultural product cultivated, produced by a separate farming method and meets strict standards depending on the region and country. However, the commonality of clean agricultural products is always towards promoting ecological balance, diversity and biodiversity conservation.

  1. The reason why clean agricultural products are always

As noted above, in order to create a clean agricultural product, the farmer must meet the criteria:

  1. Control toxins from soil and water sources

Land sources for clean agricultural products must be tested and inspected regularly to ensure that toxins and chemicals are no longer leftover, ensuring the natural development of crops. Nutrition in the soil is supplemented from compost, compost, incubation according to certain processes and time to increase the porosiation of the soil.

Irrigation water sources must use clean water sources, microbial treatment, physical chemistry before use. At the same time, the irrigation system must be scientifically installed, avoiding a backlog that gives birth to fungi and bacteria harmful to plants.

  1. Ensuring a clean planting environment

The environment of planting clean agricultural products must be isolated from the external environment, away from residential areas, avoiding pollution. Systems such as greenhouses, high-cost net houses help insu separate clean products from externally polluted environments, ensuring they are free from hybrids from genetically modified products through pollination and harmful microorganisms in the wild.

  1. Prevention of pests with bioproducts or workers

One of the criteria for ensuring the source of agricultural products is clean is the process of treating pests. Clean farmers say no to the use of pesticides. Natural remedies will be prioritized as bioproducts  (mixtures of garlic, peppers, ginger), using workers to catch worms directly at a fixed time in the crop to prevent the development of pests.

4. High cost

In addition to closed planting systems such as greenhouses and net houses with high initial funding, well-irrigated irrigation system, large cost of crafts… Clean agriculture requires farmers to have experienced and truly persistent agricultural engineers to develop and maintain the system for a long time.


  1. Conclusion

All of us are aware of the harmful effects of dirty products on the health and long-term benefits of clean agricultural products. However, no matter how beneficial clean products are, they are not well received by most of society, clean agricultural farmers cannot bring their products to users.

Economic in efficiency, insufficient cost of living is the reality of many clean agricultural workers are suffering.

Consumer consciousness will determine product development. A product that brings great health value can not be a product that is both “delicious, tonic, cheap” when carrying all the strict and safe criteria. Perhaps, short priorities will generally carry long-term negative effects that no one wants to encounter.

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